January 2018 Releases- ‘The Heaviest Brick’ by Avinash Dubey


Write India Presents ‘The Heaviest Brick’ by Avinash Dubey
“If love entails sacrifice, then its story becomes eternal.”

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[Book Blurb]

THE HEAVIEST BRICK is one such tale of Abhimanyu Kaul, who wrote his life’s love story in a diary when he was in his teens.

His meandering life took a sudden turn leaving its pages blank. The teen turned into a brave soldier as he joined Indian Army and voluntarily choe Ratankot as his preferred posting.

The highly sensitive army base was recently declared a red zone owing to incessant terrorist intrusion. While there is lost love to reconcile, duty summons him too.

Will he be able to cope?

Release Date: 26th January 2018 

[About Author]

Avinash Dubey is a prolific writer, who loves to ink the inklings of his life. He believes that his pen, charged with creativity and originality, has the power to make people forget their problems and bring a smile to their faces. Apart from writing, he also loves to teach and inspire different souls by his action.
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