#MumbaiBookstagram- A group of all Mumbai Based Bloggers.

Mumbai Bookstagram

Passing the torch for Readers, Mumbaibookstagram

Mumbai bookstagram is for die-hard book lovers, reviewers, and booktographers.

Vidhya Thakkar and Siddhi Palande, two book lovers and book reviewers from Mumbai spearheaded the move to bring all the Bookstagramers of Mumbai together. The initiative began on Instagram to club all the bibliophiles their sole motto was to share the true bliss of reading amongst each other in midst of travelling and dense air.

“Books are the portals to tranquility and dumpsters for chaos”

There are millions of books and thousands of genres which the community wishes to explore. One often finds the group discussing intently literature forms and facts, the viral books on social, characters and publishing houses which helps them to entice their bookish thirst.
Mumbai Bookstagram as a collective force wishes to bring forth various activities that will instill and encourage the habit of reading. Some of the activities they aim to start with are book reviewing, author interviews, bookish blogs, readathon challenges and meetups to keep readers engaged and hooked towards reading. The community has collaborated with publishing houses helping in book promotions.

Siddhi aka the @book_gobbler is a voracious reader, she is obsessed with reading and says, “I absolutely love interacting with all the members. The idea behind @Mumbaibookstagram was solely because I wanted to connect with #Bookstagrammers of #Mumbai. I am happy that it happened. We aim to read and enlighten that’s how we pass the torch.”

Vidhya Thakkar aka @reader_viddh is chirpy and full of life. Much like her partner, she is an obsessive reader and while you will find the two talking on the phone with each other most of the times discussing books and publishing houses, this is what Vidhya says about conceiving @Mumbaibookstagram, “To have like-minded people around with different thoughts, views, and thinking is always wonderful. Creation of the @Mumbaibookstagram is one such where I wanted to discover like-minded people with different thoughts. I wanted to give a platform to all bookstagrammers to share their point of views! A dream that came true”

What began as a mere idea has been taking a beautiful form. Every day the fans of the book club are growing and new members are coming forth to willingly be a part of this community. The group, for now, has over 100 followers on FB and IG, this within a week after the launch of the idea on social.

Mumbai Bookstagram is still spreading its wings. This cradle stage has been rendered strong because of the love the book lovers of Mumbai have shown for the club. Hence one can only sum up saying so, reading makes us good friends and people with same interests help us to discover the bliss!

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