June 2018 Releases – ‘First And Foremost’ by Sanket Tanna


Write India Presents ‘First And Foremost’ by Sanket Tanna

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[Book Blurb]

First love… What a feeling it is to be in love for the first time in your life, especially when you are a teenager.
You tend to do many things which might be right or might be wrong. You dwell on various emotions such as love, hatred, anger, affection etc. Many times you are not in a position to control few of them. But obviously you feel totally different; the hard work you put to let that relationship work and survive is even more than anything else on this earth. Sometimes you behave childishly and surprisingly you become protective at times. Battle with those emotions almost never ends.

Who does not want their first love to be the last and who do not want it to be the most memorable experience? You tend to create tons of memories with your partner and inspire to protect those memories throughout your life.

But will this perception and memories help Sahil and Tamanah to save their relationship?

Will they be able to fight against their bad time?

[About Author]

Sanket is a Chartered Accountant by profession; he pursues his writing skills along with his professional life and he is also a motivational speaker. He is highly active in various charitable activities, especially for the welfare of stray animals. He is philosophical and a fun loving guy. He loves traveling and exploring new places.
You can reach him at facebook.com/AuthorSanketTanna