Interview with Himani Desai- Author of ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’


We had a short interview with Himani Desai The author of book ‘Somebody that I used to know’

[About the Author]

Himani Desai was born and brought up in Navsari, Gujarat. She has completed a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and Master’s Degree in Environmental Engineering. After perusing a degree in engineering she decided to try her luck in the field of writing. ‘Somebody That I used to Know’ is her debut novel in the world of writing. Besides reading and writing, she loves travelling, painting, drawing, photography, music and her pets.

1. What other genres do you enjoy reading?
I enjoy reading fiction, non-fiction and also the stories that lead me to an impossible and enchanting land. i.e. Harry Potter!

2. Which of your novels best describes you as a person?
I have Published just one novel so can’t answer right now.

3. Have you ever written a character based on the real you in some part?
No, but will think about to write in future.

4. Can you tell us about your current projects?
Yes, I have started writing another story but kind of stuck right now with my busy job schedules.

5. Do you set a plot or prefer going wherever an idea takes you?
I set plots sometimes and I also prefer wherever ideas take me. So apparently I do both. 🙂

6. One character from your books, that you like the most.
Varun from Somebody That I Used To Know.

7. What is that dream goal you want to achieve before you die?
To do something extraordinary that can make my country proud + my parents proud. I love my country A LOT.

8. What does literary success look like to you?
People appreciate me, motivate me, encourage me, praise me for my efforts no matter whether I am good or bad in writing. That feeling is really good.

9. Do you recall the first ever book/novel you read?
Well, the first book I read was in my mother tongue Gujarati and the book was an autobiography of  ‘Chhatrapati Shivaji’ and English novel I read was Ravinder Singh’s ‘I too had a love story.’

[Book Blurb]

Life is unpredictable. Sometimes it rewards you with an immense happiness and sometimes it rewards you with an intense grief. But how flabbergasting it would become if life will reward you with felicity and misery simultaneously!

VARUN (Man of principles, an army officer) and ANAYA (A soul full of creativity, an interior designer), both were madly in love with each other until their eternal love took a drastic turn and some circumstances separated them forever.

After four years of interval, destiny played its role and reunited them on the same platform. But this time things had changed. They met again, not as lovers but as antagonists of each other. Because this time he was the savior of the country and she was the offender of the country.

How their love story bloomed? Which circumstances separated them? How did she reach in the world of crimes?

Whom will he choose, his liability regarding his country or his lady love?

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