Being Bookstagrammer – by Vidhya Thakkar


All your passion to become your purpose, and it will one day become your profession.
This quote didn’t resonate with me 10 months earlier, Yes 10 months the most precious and enthralling months of my life!!
Why do you ask? Because that’s when I bumped into the bookstagramming community. A community filled with enormous book lovers, best introverts with Amazing talents!!!.

Before 10 months I indulged in writing book reviews and started my journey on bookstagram.

First few months were a random throw of pictures, without much detailing over the stuff I did there, gradually started making friends and understanding how this community works, I started making changes accordingly not forcibly!!

Each and every person there is helpful and easy to reach!!

A strike a conversation with anyone can help you know a book genre, some TV show or even life tips and some advice which helps you to grow.

This piece of points which I’m mentioning now is to brief you and others who wish to join the community that here you’re always welcomed with the best wishes and love from all over the globe!!

Bookstagram is for all those who love reading, to share their thoughts, views,
and reviews about books, Here Everyone has different tastes for reading but all are crazy bibliophiles. Many

There are so many groups, which connect bookstagrammers out of which one of them is #Mumbaibookstagram. It’s for all the book bloggers based in Mumbai where they share their thoughts, reviews, have meetups and discussions. I am proud to be a co-founder of #mumbaibookstagram. A local Adda for all the readers, Mumbai. Bookstagram is not only centric for bookstagramming but in the midst of crowds and everyday hurdles of travelling, how we manage to read and join together to Share our common love towards it.

Want to know what you can learn? some tricks? Will be sharing Bookstagramming knacks soon! stay tuned!!

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