June 2018 Releases – ‘First And Foremost’ by Sanket Tanna

   Write India Presents ‘First And Foremost’ by Sanket Tanna Grab your copy from here Bit.ly/FAFNovel [Book Blurb] First love… What a feeling it is to be in love for the first time in your life, especially when you are a teenager. You tend to do many things which might be right or might be wrong. You[…]

May 2018 Releases- ’10 Minutes To Turn Your Life’ by Saurav Somani

   Write India Presents ’10 Minutes To Turn Your Life’ by Saurav Somani Grab your copy from here Bit.ly/10MTTYL [Book Blurb] Sometimes, it just takes ten words to reveal a transforming truth: You can truly Turn your Life in just Ten Minutes! Perhaps, you would react in ten words: Hey! Can my life really change in just[…]

May 2018 Releases- ‘The Unknown Victim’ by Sobhalisha Panda

   Write India Presents ‘The Unknown Victim’ by Sobhalisha Panda Grab your copy today Bit.ly/TUVBook Blurb This is the story of Shlok, an innocent village boy of Dhruvpur, born into the family of landlord and his life journey. Immediately after his birth, Shlok is cursed by a strange woman; that leaves the entire village in a state[…]

Official Video Trailer of ‘The Heaviest Brick’ a novel by Avinash Dubey

On This Republic Day, Write India Publishers Presents the Official Video Trailer of ‘The Heaviest Brick’ a novel by Avinash Dubey Do watch this amazing video trailer and grab your copy of same. http://bit.ly/THBNovel “If love entails sacrifice, then its story becomes eternal.”  While there is lost love to reconcile, duty summons him too. Will he be able[…]

Book Review of One Last Time by book blogger Ankita Arora

Check what Ankita Arora says about the book One Last time by Author Anubhav Shrivastava One last time. Memories are a strange creation of God! Incredibly fascinating, incredibly loose to behold! And most remarkably-you can only revisit them in your mind. They resemble an ineffaceable inkspot on the Life’s journal – one that just refuses to[…]

Book Review of Betrayals and Paybacks by Ankita Arora

Review by Book blogger Ankita Arora Betrayals and Paybacks Author: Sana Shetty Publisher: Write India My rating: 3.75/5 Betrayals and paybacks is a story of Vedant Birajdar, his friends Misha Varma and Jay Varma, his brother Tarun, and their village Tamara. Very much like the title, it has elements of betrayal, young love, conspiracy, family[…]

Interview with Himani Desai- Author of ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’

     We had a short interview with Himani Desai The author of book ‘Somebody that I used to know’ [About the Author] Himani Desai was born and brought up in Navsari, Gujarat. She has completed a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and Master’s Degree in Environmental Engineering. After perusing a degree in engineering she[…]

Being Bookstagrammer – by Vidhya Thakkar

All your passion to become your purpose, and it will one day become your profession. This quote didn’t resonate with me 10 months earlier, Yes 10 months the most precious and enthralling months of my life!! Why do you ask? Because that’s when I bumped into the bookstagramming community. A community filled with enormous book[…]

January 2018 Releases- ‘Two Plus Half Maniacs’ by Vinit Patel

Write India Presents ‘Two Plus Half Maniacs’ by Vinit Patel This story is about Sakhipur village where male members pimp out the women! A village where a husband sells his wife; a brother sells his sister; a mother sells her daughter. It’s also the story about two maniacs: Rocky & Bhailu. Grab your copy today http://bit.ly/TwoPlusHalfManiacs[…]

January 2018 Releases- ‘The Heaviest Brick’ by Avinash Dubey

   Write India Presents ‘The Heaviest Brick’ by Avinash Dubey “If love entails sacrifice, then its story becomes eternal.” Grab your copy from here bit.ly/THBNovel [Book Blurb] THE HEAVIEST BRICK is one such tale of Abhimanyu Kaul, who wrote his life’s love story in a diary when he was in his teens. His meandering life took a sudden[…]